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Great Wallet

Nicely made wallet that feels just right.


Great quality. Just what I needed. Great unique design. Thank you !

An eye catcher

This is very high quality, attractive, and so practical! From made to order and having it in hand was seven days! Krakow Poland -> Sydney Australia!

I can use my phone easily in or out of the wallet. The phone is very secure. It is very comfortable in hand, and even got a wow from the Fedex guy on delivery! I can carry my iPhone 13 or 14 in this case, and it exceeds my expectations.

It looks and feels like a product made with seriously high standards.

Roman is a very gifted professional and behaves as such. The order, payment, communication, and everything to delivery is premium. It really is better than it looks on the web page, and you should just let go and spend the cash. You'll enjoy what you receive.

iPhone wallet case

Quality product, nicely finished, good quality materials


This is exactly what I've been looking for. The leather feels and smells great and the craftsmanship is excellent.

I have eight cards and a few bills in it and it fits fine. Note that all my cards are the newer type without raised numbers, that might make a difference. It's thicker than my last minimalist wallet, but adding the AirTag is well worth it in my opinion.

Beautiful, functional, well-crafted

Great company

Great Wallet

Highly recommend

Nice upgrade to other case/wallets

I was skeptical about the function of the MagSafe attachment, as well as the size of the wallet being able to hold 6 cards. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of the leather is great, the leather tab functions well to make the cards very accessible, and the MagSafe connection holds solidly into place when used on the case. Bought this as a replacement to my Jimmycase and glad I did.

Great Wallet

Highly recommend this company. The wallet was fantastic and the customer service outstanding! Great experience!

Amazing product!

Bought this wallet for my fiancé, and he loves it! The quality is outstanding and he says he loves the sense the security having an AirTag wallet gives him!

The perfect wallet

I always seemed to misplace my wallet, so my wife decided to buy me an AirTag wallet from Amazon for Christmas. It was extremely large and hideous looking so I returned it. I spent many hours researching AirTag wallets and could not find anything that that looked practical. Then I stumbled across geometric goods dollar bill wallet. It is not any bigger or smaller than it needs to be. Currently I have 9 cards a few dollars and a receipt folded in the middle. The way that the air tag integrates into the wallet is genius. The leather surrounding the air tag pocket is is thicker so that the air tag doesn’t create a bump. I’ve had it for a few months now and can’t even tell the airtag is in it.


Super happy with the wallet! Love the quality and the hidden AirTag holder is pretty great.

Leather AirTag billfold wallet 2.1

Dollar Bill AirTag Wallet
Angel Felix Chavira
Great Feel

Leather quality is great the only problems i have with it are the cards are a tight fit and there isn't enough pockets for all my cards

Dear Angel Felix Chavira,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review about The US Dollar Bill AirTag Wallet! We're glad to hear that you love the leather quality and the great feel of the wallet.

Regarding the tight fit for your cards, we want to let you know that full-grain leather is known for its durability and ability to stretch over time. As you continue to use your wallet, the leather will adapt to your cards and create a more comfortable fit.

We hope this information is helpful and that you continue to enjoy your US Dollar Bill AirTag Wallet. If there is anything else we can assist with, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Dollar Bill AirTag Wallet
Alejandro J Molina Hurtado
Great idea, a bit too thick.

I really love the design because you can’t see the AirTag. I love that you can’t take it out easily. If your wallet is taken, you will be able to look for it quickly. This is something that I loved and that made my decision easy. However, although the quality of the leather is very good, I think the leather is way too thick. I already expected a thick wallet since it would contain the AirTag, but overall, it doesn’t help that the leather is that thick.

Hello Alejandro,
Thank you for your feedback. I do understand your concern, please note, that the main goal behind our products is to create functional and long-lasting products. Nevertheless thin leather may seem like a more convenient choice, but it also lasts much less as it tends to stretch, rub and tear. We went for the choice to make the products with leather about 1.2-1.6mm thickness, as due to our experience it's the optimal thickness to make the product last long, yet to be not too heavy in use and look.
We do will take your feedback into consideration, and will overthink the possibility to create a separate model which will have a slightly thinner profile, yet stay high quality and long-lasting product.

Love it!

Great quality and the perfect wallet for discreetly storing an air tag. Love it!

Awesome Wallet

First wallet I’ve bought in 20 years and I think this one will last another 20. Love the design! A bit bulky, but necessary because of the AirTag pocket. I love the tab to pull cards out of the card pocket. Makes access much easier than my old wallet. I have no other AirTag wallets to compare it to, but I’m pleased.

It's perfect

Fits my airtag and its not obvious, my bills some cards and coins! The leather feels great too. Would recommend.

Leather AirTag Billfold Wallet

The wallet is just as it was described in the ad, great quality and well made. Also, I ordered very last minute for a late December birthday present and paid for quick delivery. This is exactly what I got, which was exceptional seeing as it was the 24th of December, and the wallet arrived as I had been advised it would by the 28th.
Excellent service indeed.

Would Recommend!

Excellent Quality, Fast Shipping, Very Satisfied Overall!

Great minimalist wallet!

Ordered this for my wife after she lost her old wallet. Great quality and attention to detail, would happily order again!

Perfect size, wonderful packaging. I love it.

Leather AirTag billfold wallet 2.1

Leather airtag keychain
Ezgi Oncul Tanaka

Leather airtag keychain

Exactly what I’ve been wanting in a folio case

I want a wallet that holds my phone. I don’t want a case for my phone. With the advent of Apples MagSafe, I was hoping I’d finally get what I was after, but tons of searching turned up nothing until finally this case appeared in a search. It is exactly everything I hoped it would be and the craftsmanship / precision actually exceeds my wildest dreams.