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The outside perspective

The outside perspective and review of ours Classic  MagSafe wallet

jonathan reed

If you will check Jonathan's blog called Small Bites you will immediately guess his profession. Jonathan Reed is a graphic designer based in London. 

Same as we, he likes tech, movies, music, great design, and Apple. But luckily enough to criticise, that's why we thought that it's a perfect person to give us honest and detailed feedback about our Classic  MagSafe wallet

Here are few paragraphs from his review, the full version of which you can find here

"The leather on the Geometric Goods wallet is very nice. The one I got (tan leather) has a really lovely look and feel to it. It feels actually like a wallet should and would feel, just re-formatted to the MagSafe form.

The front lip in front of the cards is lower, allowing you to slide the cards out easily. (The Apple wallet didn’t allow this). Whereas on the Apple wallet, the lip is rock solid, the Geometric Goods wallet is flexible.

While the overall thickness is the same as Apple’s, the edges are much thicker. I actually liked that as on my iPhone 12 Mini, it made them more ‘grip-able’, but your taste may differ.

Finally, and crucially, the magnet is nice and strong. I’d say it’s just as strong as Apple’s, which is good though, of course, can very occasionally get knocked off. It being thicker around the edges, I do find it comes off less as when you grab your iPhone as the Apple one can occasionally slide off, it being slim at the edges and very smooth."

All in all, we are grateful to Jonathan, and to all of those who send us feedback about our products. If you will have one, please don't hesitate to contact us. It's a crucial part in our striving to create better products that will satisfy you and others. 

You can find the blog Small Bites here

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