What is MagSafe and How Does it Work

Apple's MagSafe is a proprietary wireless power transfer and accessory connection technology. Simply said, it's a feature that allows for wireless charging and accepts a slew of amazing new accessories that make your phone even more useful. All of this is made possible by a complicated design that includes magnets, shields, coils, and sensors. Therefore the name MagSafe.

Apple introduced the new MagSafe version in October 2020, in tandem with the introduction of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Since that generation, all Apple phones have had the built-in MagSafe magnet system, which acts as both a secure and quick way to charge your phone wirelessly as well as an useful mounting mechanism for accessories such as our MagSafe card holders and MagSafe folio cases.

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How does MagSafe work

Inductive charging is the technology that powers all wireless charging. It transfers energy from a coil within the phone to the phone's battery through electromagnetic induction, which is the generation of electricity via magnetic fields. In the case of MagSafe, you just attach the back of your phone to the charger, and the magnets will get to work charging your phone.

MagSafe uses a brand-new and cutting-edge coiled wire coil design in the industry. This coil has been tweaked to function with magnets while still supporting Qi wireless charging. But it's not only the coil that makes MagSafe so special. In reality, the back of each MagSafe phone comprises seven layers of active components.

The internal charger has numerous layers of shields, magnets, and sensors that aid in charging and communicate critical information about accessories to your phone.

Shields – The copper-graphite and nanocrystalline shields catch magnetic flux and allow the phone to charge at a quicker pace without hurting the batteries or the circuitry within.

Sensors — The MagSafe component's sensors detect magnetic field strength and respond instantaneously, providing more rapid and efficient charging.

Magnets – It is the magnets that distinguish the MagSafe. They allow you to perfectly position your device for efficiency and firmly connect cool accessories without the use of clips, clamps, or glue.




MagSafe Wallets and Folio Cases

magsafe wallet

magsafe wallet strong magnet

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