A Comprehensive Guide to Resetting Your HomePod to Factory Settings

If you're planning to send your HomePod or HomePod mini for service, sell it, or give it away, it's essential to reset it to its factory settings. This guide will walk you through the process of resetting your HomePod to ensure all your personal information is removed before parting with the device. Before you begin, please note the following instructions and prerequisites.

Before You Begin

If your HomePod speaker is unresponsive, try restarting it using the Home app. If the option to restart isn't available or your HomePod still doesn't respond after restarting, a factory reset is necessary.

If you have two HomePod speakers configured as a stereo pair, you must ungroup them before resetting the HomePod.
After performing a reset, you'll need to set up your HomePod again.

Resetting Your HomePod or HomePod mini to Factory Settings

To reset your HomePod speaker to its factory settings, follow these steps:

1. Remove HomePod or HomePod mini from the Home App

a. Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, signed in with the Apple ID used to set up the HomePod.
b. Locate and tap/click on the HomePod.
c. Select the Settings icon or scroll down to HomePod settings.
d. Choose "Reset HomePod."
e. Finally, select "Remove Accessory."

Reset HomePod

2. Resetting HomePod or HomePod mini

a. Unplug your HomePod or disconnect the power adapter for HomePod mini. Wait for 10 seconds.
b. Plug your HomePod back in after the 10-second interval.
c. Wait another 10 seconds and then place your finger on the top of the HomePod and hold it there.
d. The white spinning light will turn red. Keep your finger pressed.
e. Siri will confirm that your HomePod is about to reset. Once you hear three beeps, you can release your finger.

3. Restoring HomePod mini with a Mac or PC

If you are unable to reset your HomePod mini using the above method, you can restore it instead. This process will reset and update your HomePod mini to the latest software version. Follow these steps:

a. Connect your HomePod mini to your computer using the USB-C cable that came with it.
b. Wait a few seconds. If you're using a Mac, open a Finder window. If you're on a PC, launch the latest version of iTunes.
c. Look for your HomePod in the list of connected devices on your computer and select it.
d. Click on "Restore HomePod."

reset homepod on Mac or MacBook

You'll receive a notification on your Mac or PC when the HomePod mini has finished restoring.

By following these steps, you can successfully reset your HomePod or HomePod mini to its factory settings. This ensures your device is ready for service, sale, or gifting without any personal information remaining.

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