Understanding and Fixing the AirPods Max Orange Light Flashing Issue

The AirPods Max is known for its high-quality sound, but some users have encountered an issue where the orange light flashes unexpectedly. This article explores the causes and solutions to this problem, based on discussions from Apple's support community and MacRumors forums.

Causes of the Orange Light Flashing

  • Connection Issues: Sometimes, the orange light indicates a problem with the headphones' connection to paired devices.
  • Firmware Glitches: Outdated firmware can cause various issues, including this flashing light.
  • Sensor or Hardware Malfunctions: Dirt on ear detection sensors or corrosion on contacts can lead to this problem.


  • Factory Reset:
    • Procedure: Unpair the AirPods Max from all devices. Then, hold the crown and another button for about 30 seconds until the light blinks orange, and re-pair them.
    • Effectiveness: This has been effective for some users, as reported in the Apple Support Community.
  • Cleaning Sensors and Contacts:
    • Process: Clean the ear detection sensors on both cups. For suspected corrosion on the headband contacts, remove the headband using a SIM card removal tool and clean the contacts with acetone.
    • Outcome: Users have reported success with these methods, resolving the flashing orange light issue.
  • Leaving Them Idle:
    • Action: Some users found that leaving the AirPods Max idle and out of the case for an extended period helped temporarily resolve the issue.
    • Observations: This method may not be a permanent solution but can provide temporary relief.
  • Contacting Apple Support:
    • When to Consider: If the above methods fail, contacting Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store might be necessary.
    • Possible Results: In some cases, users have received replacements, as a definitive fix wasn't available.


The orange light flashing on the AirPods Max can be a sign of various issues, from connection problems to hardware malfunctions. Users experiencing this issue can try factory resetting, cleaning the device, or leaving them idle. If these steps do not resolve the problem, seeking assistance from Apple Support is recommended. It's important to note that these solutions have varied effectiveness, and what works for one user may not work for another.

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