Mastering Your AirPods Pro: Top Tips and Tricks for Optimal Settings

Apple's AirPods Pro are a significant upgrade from the base AirPods model, offering enhanced audio quality, improved battery life, and several impressive features to boost your listening experience. This article will guide you through the best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your premium wireless earbuds.

Take the Ear Tip Fit Test

One of the most significant improvements of the AirPods Pro is its customizable in-canal design, allowing for a snugger fit than the one-size-fits-all approach of the regular AirPods. To find the best ear tip size for you, take an Ear Tip Fit Test.

After attaching a pair of ear tips to the base of your AirPods Pro, insert them into your ears. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the info icon next to your AirPods Pro and select Ear Tip Fit Test. A short music clip will play, and the app will determine if the current tips offer a good fit or if you need to adjust them or try a different size.

airpods pro 2 Ear Tip Fit Test

Customize the Name of Your AirPods Pro

You're not stuck with the default name of your AirPods Pro. To change it, go to "Settings > Bluetooth" on your iPhone, tap the info icon next to your AirPods Pro, then tap on the current name. You can revise the existing name or delete it and create a new one. Tap "Done" when finished.

Customize the Name of Your AirPods Pro

Control Music With a Press

Press the stem of either AirPod to control the flow of music. A single press pauses or plays the music, a double press skips forward to the next track, and a triple press skips back to the start of your current track or to the previous track.

airpods pro 2 Control Music With a Press

Customize the Presses

Pressing and holding the stem of either AirPod Pro switches between Noise Cancellation and Transparency by default. You can customize this by going to Settings > Bluetooth, pressing the info icon next to your AirPods, and then under the Press and Hold AirPods section, tapping the entry for Left or Right.

Customize the Presses on airpods pro

Turn on Noise Cancellation

The Noise Cancellation feature of AirPods Pro blocks out almost all background sounds, making it useful in noisy environments where you want to focus on your audio. You can switch between Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode with a long press on the stem of either bud. On your iPhone, you can go through the Control Center or Settings > Bluetooth > [Your AirPods info icon] to adjust this feature.

Turn on Noise Cancellation on airpods pro 2

Tweak Accessibility Settings

The Accessibility settings of your AirPods Pro allow you to change the speed required to press the stems of your AirPods and the duration needed for pressing the stems to change the noise cancellation mode. You can also enable noise cancellation with one AirPod and control the volume swipe.

Tweak Accessibility Settings on airpods pro

Improve Sound Quality

Headphone Accommodations is a feature that enhances the audio from your AirPods by boosting softer sounds and certain frequencies. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > [Your AirPods info icon] > Accessibility > Audio Accessibility Settings > Headphone Accommodations and turn on the switch.

Improve Sound Quality on airpods pro

Turn on Spatial Audio

A unique feature to AirPods Pro and the third-generation AirPods is Spatial Audio, which provides head tracking and surround-sound effects to supported videos. This feature requires iOS 14 or higher and the AirPods Pro firmware updated to version 3A283 or higher.

Turn on Spatial Audio on airpods pro 2

Enable Adaptive Transparency on 2nd Gen AirPods Pro

The second-generation AirPods Pro features Adaptive Transparency, which automatically reduces the volume of any loud sounds around you to protect your hearing. You can enable this option in the settings.

Enable Adaptive Transparency on 2nd Gen AirPods Pro

Share With Other AirPods Users

You can share your audio with someone else using AirPods Pro, regular AirPods, or Beats headphones. Access the Control Center on your iPhone, tap the AirPlay icon for the current audio, then tap Share Audio and select the other headphones.

Share audio With Other AirPods Users

Turn Your AirPods Into a Hearing Aid

You can use your AirPods Pro as a hearing aid with the Live Listen feature. Add the feature to the Control Center on your iPhone, put the AirPods Pro in your ears, open the Control Center, tap the Hearing icon, and turn on Live Listen.

Turn Your AirPods Into a Hearing Aid

Check the Battery Charge

You can check the current charge of your AirPods Pro and their charging case on your iPhone. With both AirPods Pro in the case and the lid open, a card will appear on your iPhone's screen showing the charge levels.

Check the Battery Charge

Optimize Battery Charging

To extend the battery life of your AirPods Pro, enable Optimized Battery Charging in the settings. This feature will delay charging past 80% until you need to use them.

Save Battery Life by Swapping Buds

If you're a power user and worry about running out of battery life, you can use one AirPod at a time as a Bluetooth headset, keeping the other one in the case to charge, and swap as needed.

Mastering your AirPods Pro settings will allow you to get the most out of your premium wireless earbuds. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to fully enjoy and customize your listening experience.

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