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Leather AirTag billfold wallet 2.1

This excellent wallet ages beautifully, showcasing its fine quality over time. The compartment for the AirTag is subtly integrated, maintaining its shape and discreet appearance even as the wallet gets older. It's a definite must-have!

Leather AirTag wallet - The Minimalist

Great product

The wallet arrived quickly. The packaging was excellent and wallet itself was great quality. It was a gift and the person loved it. Will highly recommend for any leather goods

Just what we were looking for

My son wanted a wallet where he could place an AirTag discreetly. Other wallets we had seen with this capability were bulky, and would not fit well in his jeans pocket. When we ordered this wallet on Etsy, we decided to take a chance and we are so glad we did. The leather is very soft and it folds nicely. The AirTag is placed on the inside, and one would not automatically know it’s there unless they went looking for it.
Very nice wallet.

Great Folio

Fits my 13 Pro perfectly! I use mine naked without a case. The magnet is strong and secure. The leather is high is HIGH quality, it feels/smells great! I haven’t used it as a wallet yet but it can easily carry cards plus cash.

Overall very very good

Very good wallet with a safe enough space for an Airtag and a modest amount of cards.

The only feedback I have is that the pull tab could be a bit longer, when the cards are pushed all the way the down, only a tiny sliver is visible making it harder to pull them out again

Will be gifting and buying more items from them.

I am one of those people that are always forgetting their wallet. It finally bit me in the butt, I lost my wallet with some important pictures. Luckily it was found a week later with everything in it but the money gone. The money wasn't the issue, however the picture and sentimental value that is associated with it, is priceless.
After a that heart attack of a moment I decided to look for a wallet that had a hidden airtag compartment in it, none where to my liking and none on the market had it actually hidden. Until I found this one, the packaging it came in was amazing, I still have the box and cool swede bag it came with. It is great quality and compact enough to keep everything I need. And I have misplaced it once but thanks that air tag compartment that is hidden I tracked it down in my car. Great purchase will be more items from them in the future.

Plenty of value and quality

The wallet came with a bag and a nice cable holder. It was easy to install the AirTag and I like how it stays hidden. It's one of the few wallets that hides the device so that if you lose it or if it's stolen, it isn't removed and you can track it. It took me a while to figure out what some of the straps do.

Wonderfully Built

Stunning… well built… and came quick and safe.


The wallet is good quality leather. No complaints here

Perfect travel gift

Great quality and the color is exactly what I was hoping. The shipping was amazingly fast too!

iPhone 14 series Leather MagSafe Folio Case Wallet with Grip

Excellent quality and materials. Very well made.
And comfortable to have in your back pocket! Love it.

Perfect quality leather, fast shipping.

AirTag travel wallet

Excellent workmanship and the leather quality is top notch !

Great solution

I needed to consolidate my phone & wallet. I compared a half dozen brands and settled on this one. I'm happy that I'd did. Great solution

Great Wallet

Nicely made wallet that feels just right.

Leather AirTag wallet - The Minimalist Vectors
kenneth steiner

Great quality. Just what I needed. Great unique design. Thank you !

An eye catcher

This is very high quality, attractive, and so practical! From made to order and having it in hand was seven days! Krakow Poland -> Sydney Australia!

I can use my phone easily in or out of the wallet. The phone is very secure. It is very comfortable in hand, and even got a wow from the Fedex guy on delivery! I can carry my iPhone 13 or 14 in this case, and it exceeds my expectations.

It looks and feels like a product made with seriously high standards.

Roman is a very gifted professional and behaves as such. The order, payment, communication, and everything to delivery is premium. It really is better than it looks on the web page, and you should just let go and spend the cash. You'll enjoy what you receive.

iPhone wallet case

Quality product, nicely finished, good quality materials

Leather AirTag wallet - The Minimalist Vectors
Erik Schade

This is exactly what I've been looking for. The leather feels and smells great and the craftsmanship is excellent.

I have eight cards and a few bills in it and it fits fine. Note that all my cards are the newer type without raised numbers, that might make a difference. It's thicker than my last minimalist wallet, but adding the AirTag is well worth it in my opinion.

Beautiful, functional, well-crafted

Great company

Great Wallet

Highly recommend

Nice upgrade to other case/wallets

I was skeptical about the function of the MagSafe attachment, as well as the size of the wallet being able to hold 6 cards. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of the leather is great, the leather tab functions well to make the cards very accessible, and the MagSafe connection holds solidly into place when used on the case. Bought this as a replacement to my Jimmycase and glad I did.