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Best AirTag wallets 2022 

"Staff Pick. AirTag incognito: Geometric Goods Leather AirTag Billfold Wallet"

The Best AirTag Wallets [Buyers Guide 2022]

"If you’re looking for a contender for the largest wallet on this list with the most storage capacity then I dare you to check out the Leather AirTag billfold wallet by Geometric Goods."


The iPhone is unworthy!? Geometric Goods MagSafe TECH wallet REVIEW

"The Geometric Goods MagSafe wallet and CARRY TEST proves that full grain veg tanned leather is still a luxury above an Apple iPhone"


Geometric Goods “The Minimalist” Leather AirTag wallet review – Never leave home without it

With the wide availability of tracking devices, particularly Apple’s AirTags, a new problem has arisen as to how we can incorporate these trackers into our everyday stuff, like wallets. Fortunately, Geometric Goods has found an elegant solution



Geometry allows to determine how shapes and figures fit together to maximize efficiency and visual appeal, helps to decide what materials to use what design to make, and plays a vital role in the crafting process.


A good quality leather MagSafe wallet, that’s affordable?

"Apple’s is the super-slick, precise manufactured one. Geometric Goods’ is the traditional, handmade, real leather feeling, true ‘wallet’ one."


Geometric Goods Minimalist Wallet

"OK, cutting to the chase, I got this a kind of expensive $76 wallet from it was definitely the most expensive option, but really fit the bill."


3rd Party MagSafe Wallets To Buy! 

Kevin The Tech Ninja


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