The iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe
On the 13th of October Apple presented new iPhone 12 models, and boy things become more interesting for us. The feature we are most excited about is the MagSafe, which will allow attaching to the back of the iPhone leather card wallet, wireless charger, holder and other cool stuff. We are already preparing a collection crafted from our premium full grain vegetable-tanned leather wallets with MagSafe that you will be able to use with your silicone or clear iPhone 12 case. Also we created a highly customizable leather wallet with MagSafe, in which you are able to choose one or a few colors of leather, color of thread, plus there will be available as usual free personalization in 2 font types and emoji
We are also planning to launch a line of iPhone 12 folio cases that will be attaching through MagSafe, and neck/waist bags with a special feature. 
With this in mind, we are heading to create new designs. Super excited to share very soon our work with you.
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Hervorragender Kundenservice. Wunderschön gefertigte iPhone-Hülle aus Leder, die ich mir gekauft habe. Schön verpackt, könnte ein atemberaubendes Geschenk machen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass ich diesen Reifen wieder für Freunde und Familie (und vielleicht auch für mich selbst) kaufen werde! Vielen Dank.

R Stewart

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