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New Apple Watch 8 Design. Size. Weight.

There have been no design changes to the Apple Watch Series 8. It has the same rounded, square appearance as previous generations, and it is available in 41mm and 45mm size variants, both of which were released in 2021.

apple watch 8 design

The Apple Watch has gentle, rounded edges around the display and weighs between 32 and 51.5 grams depending on case size and material. The Apple Watch Series 8 stainless steel versions are the heaviest.

All Apple Watch Series 8 versions have a black ceramic and crystal back with four LED clusters and four photodiodes for health-monitoring capabilities including heart rate tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and ECGs.

The Apple Watch incorporates a Digital Crown on the side for scrolling and navigating, as well as a side button for bringing up commonly used applications, activating emergency services, confirming Apple Pay purchases, and other functions.

The Digital Crown includes haptic feedback that provides a precise, mechanical sensation while scrolling through lists and operating other parts of the Apple Watch, and it is essential for the ECG app since it contains an integrated electrode that works in combination with the rear sensors.

apple watch LTE

It's important to note that the Digital Crown appears vary depending on the Apple Watch model you buy. LTE devices include a red ring around the Digital Crown to indicate that they have LTE capability, whilst GPS-only variants do not have the red ring.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available in both aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum Apple Watch versions are the least expensive, while the stainless steel variants are more expensive.

apple watch aluminiumapple watch stainless steel
Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and RED are some of the aluminum colors. Gold, Graphite, and Space Black are all stainless steel hues.

The aluminum Apple Watch versions are constructed of 100% recyclable 7000 series aluminum and are lightweight, affordable, and meant for an active lifestyle, whereas the stainless steel variants are heavier, more costly, and designed for everyday wear rather than exercise.

Apple Watch 8 series weight


  • Aluminum: 32.0 grams
  • Stainless Steel: 42.3 grams


  • Aluminum: 38.8 grams
  • Stainless Steel: 51.5 grams



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