Connecting Devices to Apple TV: Limits and Management

Apple's ecosystem is designed for seamless integration and connectivity, but when it comes to connecting devices to Apple TV or using Apple TV+ across multiple devices, there are specific considerations and limitations you should be aware of. This guide explores these aspects in detail.

Apple TV Device Connectivity

Apple TV Hardware: The Apple TV device itself does not limit the number of devices (such as remote controls, iPhones, iPads, or Bluetooth accessories like keyboards and game controllers) that can connect to it. However, Bluetooth connections have a practical limit based on the device's capacity, which is typically around seven simultaneous connections. This can vary slightly based on the types and uses of connected devices.

  • Remote Controls: Apple TV supports the use of multiple remote controls, including the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote, and can also be controlled by an iPhone or iPad through the Remote app.
  • Bluetooth Accessories: You can connect multiple Bluetooth devices, including headphones, game controllers, and keyboards. However, the total number of devices may be limited by Bluetooth bandwidth.
  • AirPlay: AirPlay allows streaming to Apple TV from iOS devices, Macs, and PCs. While you can stream from multiple devices, only one AirPlay stream can be displayed at a time.

Apple TV+ Streaming Service Usage

Simultaneous Streams: With an Apple TV+ subscription, you can stream on up to six devices simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for households with multiple users wanting to watch different shows at the same time.

Family Sharing: Apple TV+ supports Family Sharing, allowing you to share your subscription with up to five other family members, each with their own Apple ID. This means your family can enjoy Apple TV+ content on a variety of devices without purchasing separate subscriptions.

Device Types: Apple TV+ can be accessed on:

  • Apple hardware (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV).
  • Select Smart TVs and streaming devices that support the Apple TV app.
  • Web browsers, via

Managing Devices

To manage devices connected to your Apple TV or using your Apple TV+ subscription:

  • For Apple TV Hardware: Use the Settings app on your Apple TV to manage Bluetooth connections and view devices currently connected.
  • For Apple TV+ Subscription: Visit your account settings on the Apple TV app or on the Apple ID website to review and manage devices using your Apple TV+ subscription.
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