Does the Apple Pencil Scratch Your iPad Screen? Preventive Measures Unveiled

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The Apple Pencil Design

The Apple Pencil is designed with a soft material tip intended to be gentle on the iPad’s screen. It features advanced sensors for pressure and tilt without putting undue stress on the screen

iPad Screen Durability

iPad screens are made of hardened Gorilla Glass, tested by Apple to resist scratches from everyday objects. The glass is formulated to withstand elements ranking below 6-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which covers most metals and dirt but not harder substances like quartz.

Setting Up for Scratch-Free Use

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

  • Check Your Apple Pencil Tip: Inspect the Apple Pencil tip regularly for wear. A worn tip can expose metal parts or become jagged, increasing the risk of scratching the iPad screen​.

  • Replace Worn Tips: Replace Apple Pencil tips that show signs of wear or damage. Apple provides replacements, ensuring the tip's material is consistent with the original design to prevent screen damage​.

Use a Screen Protector

  • Added Layer of Protection: A screen protector offers a replaceable barrier between the Apple Pencil and the iPad screen, preventing scratches. Matte screen protectors can also enhance the drawing experience by adding friction, though they may wear down the Pencil tip faster​.
  • Selecting the Right Protector: Choose a high-quality screen protector that does not compromise the Apple Pencil's functionality. Tempered glass or plastic film protectors are popular options that protect without affecting sensitivity​.

Tips to Prevent Screen Damage

  • Avoid Excessive Pressure
    Do not apply too much pressure while using the Apple Pencil. Adjusting the pressure sensitivity settings can help prevent damage to both the Pencil and the iPad's screen​.

  • Keep the Screen Clean
    Before each use, clean the iPad screen to remove any debris or dust that could be dragged across the screen by the Apple Pencil​.

  • Monitor for Debris
    Ensure no hard particles are stuck to the Apple Pencil tip, as these could scratch the iPad screen despite the Pencil's soft tip​.

Common Concerns and Solutions

  • Screen Protector Use:
    Apple Pencil is compatible with screen protectors, and using one does not generally affect its functionality. However, the type of screen protector can impact drawing accuracy and latency​.

  • iPad Usage Without a Screen Protector:
    Using the Apple Pencil on an iPad without a screen protector is typically safe, but adding a protector provides extra security against accidental scratches​.


While the Apple Pencil is designed not to damage the iPad screen, taking preventive measures such as using a screen protector and regularly inspecting the Pencil tip can help ensure the screen remains pristine. By following these guidelines, users can enjoy the full range of Apple Pencil functionalities without worrying about potential screen damage.


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