Exploring the Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

The Apple Pencil has revolutionized digital art and note-taking, becoming a staple for iPad users. Renowned for its precision, pressure sensitivity, and seamless integration with iPad screens, it offers an unparalleled experience in digital writing and drawing.

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Yet, the Apple Pencil's price and specific features might not suit everyone's needs or budgets. This has led to a growing interest in alternatives that offer similar functionalities at different price points and feature sets. In this guide, we'll explore these alternatives, understanding what they offer and how they compare to the original Apple Pencil, providing users with diverse options to enhance their digital creativity and productivity.

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Why Consider an Alternative?

While the Apple Pencil is a top-of-the-line tool for iPad users, several reasons might lead one to consider alternatives. The primary factor is cost; the Apple Pencil, especially the latest model, can be a significant investment. For those on a tighter budget, more affordable styluses can be appealing. Additionally, feature preferences vary among users. Some may seek alternatives that offer different levels of pressure sensitivity, ergonomic designs, or compatibility with non-Apple devices. Moreover, not all iPad models are compatible with the Apple Pencil, prompting users to explore other options that work with their specific devices. Thus, exploring Apple Pencil alternatives can open up a range of possibilities that align more closely with individual needs and constraints.

Key Features to Look for in Alternatives

When considering alternatives to the Apple Pencil, several key features are essential:

  1. Precision: Look for a stylus that offers fine-point accuracy, crucial for detailed artwork and precise writing.

  2. Pressure Sensitivity: This feature allows for variations in line thickness and opacity, based on how hard the stylus is pressed against the screen, essential for artists and designers.

  3. Tilt Functionality: Some styli can detect the angle at which they are held, enabling shading effects similar to a traditional pencil.

  4. Battery Life: A long battery life is convenient, reducing the frequency of charges. Some options offer quick charging or extended usage times.

  5. Palm Rejection: Essential for a natural writing experience, this feature prevents unwanted marks from your hand resting on the screen.

  6. Compatibility: Ensure the stylus works with your specific iPad model and other touch screen devices if needed.

Top Apple Pencil Alternatives

Logitech Crayon

The Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad is highly rated for its functionality and performance as an alternative to the Apple Pencil. It's particularly noted for its pixel-perfect precision, leveraging Apple Pencil technology, and offers a no-lag writing and drawing experience on compatible iPad models. Key features include the ability to adjust line weight by tilting the stylus, instant connection without the need for pairing, fast input, and palm rejection technology. Its design includes a flat shape to prevent rolling, and it charges via USB-C, providing up to 7 hours of writing time.

However, the Logitech Crayon has some drawbacks. It may not fit well in certain iPad cases, and some users might find it lacking in tilt sensitivity. Additionally, its compatibility is focused on iPad models with USB-C ports, which might limit its use with older iPad versions.

Logitech Crayon iPad Digital Pencil

Overall, the Logitech Crayon is a fantastic choice for iPad users seeking a reliable and high-quality stylus pen for creative tasks and everyday use. It is particularly well-suited for students and professionals who need a durable and precise stylus for their iPads. Despite a few limitations, its wide compatibility, precision, and ease of use make it a great investment for enhancing the iPad experience

Adonit Note+ 2

The Adonit Note+ 2 is recognized as a cost-effective and functional alternative to the Apple Pencil. It's designed with a focus on budget-conscious students and artists, offering features similar to the USB-C Apple Pencil but at a lower price point.

Adonit Note 2

Key Features and Use:

  • The Adonit Note+ 2 is nearly identical in functionality to the USB-C Apple Pencil, with the main differences being in the pen tips and two assignable shortcut buttons.
  • It's compatible with most iPads (6th generation and newer), making it a versatile choice for various iPad users.
  • The stylus comes with three pen tips: soft, medium, and hard. The hard tip is particularly effective for prolonged note-taking.
  • It features palm rejection, tilt, and pressure sensitivity, though the latter only works in certain apps that support it.
  • The stylus attaches magnetically to the iPad but requires charging via USB-C cable instead of wireless charging.
  • The device takes about an hour to charge and is suggested to be charged nightly if used extensively.


  • The palm rejection and pressure sensitivity offer a comparable experience to the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, especially from a note-taking perspective.
  • The stylus is slightly lighter than the Apple Pencil, weighing 14 grams and measuring 165mm in length.
  • The construction is primarily aluminum, with a plastic cone and tip, contributing to its lightweight feel.

Durability and Longevity:

  • There is a concern about the durability of the Adonit Note+ 2, particularly in terms of the tips wearing out faster and the plastic cone potentially loosening over time.
  • Despite these concerns, the stylus maintains its quality with regular use.


  • Offers multiple pen tips and is lightweight with magnetic attachment.
  • Provides good quality for the price.


  • Button programming is limited and app-dependent.
  • There are potential concerns about durability.

Overall, the Adonit Note+ 2 is a worthy consideration for those seeking an affordable iPad stylus with functional features. It's particularly suitable for students and artists who need a reliable stylus for their iPads but are working within a budget. However, users should be aware of its limitations in terms of durability and app-specific functionality

Wacom Bamboo Sketch

The Wacom Bamboo Sketch is a digital stylus that aims to offer a natural and precise drawing and writing experience similar to a pen on paper, although it doesn't exactly replicate the feel of writing on paper. It's known for its smooth operation and is as precise as one would expect from a Bluetooth-connected stylus with a fine tip. It connects to the iPad using Bluetooth and is compatible with a range of iPad and iPhone models.

wacom bamboo pencil for ipad

One of the notable features of the Bamboo Sketch is its interchangeable nibs, allowing users to swap out tips easily for a tailored experience. It also boasts pressure sensitivity with 2,048 levels, providing a natural feel in drawing and writing, where a light press gives a thin line that thickens as more pressure is applied.

However, the stylus does have some limitations. Palm rejection, a feature that prevents unwanted marks from the hand resting on the screen, was reported to work poorly in some instances. The device also requires disabling multitasking gestures on the iPad to enable palm rejection within apps, which can be inconvenient for users who frequently use these gestures.

Additionally, the Bamboo Sketch has a few ergonomic advantages, such as a comfortable grip and two shortcut buttons that can be assigned various functions in select apps. Its battery life is quite impressive, offering up to sixteen hours of use. Despite its features, the Bamboo Sketch may not fully compete with the Apple Pencil, especially on iPad Pro models with ProMotion display technology. The latency and tracking are not as advanced as the Apple Pencil, and it does not support side shading like the Apple Pencil does.

In terms of app support, many popular applications like ArtRage, Astropad, AutoDesk SketchBook, and Procreate support the pressure sensitivity and shortcut functionality of the Bamboo Sketch. However, not all apps support palm rejection.

The Bamboo Sketch is considered a great option for those who do not own an iPad Pro and need a stylus with enough precision for note-taking and fine sketching. While it may not be the best choice for iPad Pro owners, it stands as a strong alternative for other users, especially given its price point.

SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro 4

The SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro 4 is recognized as a solid alternative to the Apple Pencil, closely resembling the Apple Pencil 2 in appearance but with a feature set more akin to the upcoming Apple Pencil 3.

SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro for iPad

It lacks pressure sensitivity, but offers other features like tilt sensitivity and is compatible with Procreate. The EasyPencil Pro 4 also magnetically attaches to the iPad and charges via USB-C. It is designed to be ergonomic, resembling the Apple Pencil 2, and is priced below the Apple Pencil USB-C at around $69.99. This stylus serves as a basic but effective option, especially for Procreate users, though the absence of pressure sensitivity might be a drawback for some users.


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