AirPods Max and Jogging: A Comprehensive Look

The AirPods Max, Apple's premium over-ear headphones, have been a topic of discussion in the fitness community. Known for their superior sound quality, there's been growing curiosity about their suitability for jogging and other high-intensity activities.

User Experiences

Forums like MacRumors and What Hi-Fi? reveal a consensus: AirPods Max are less ideal for jogging. Users cite discomfort due to heat and sweat, especially during extended use​​​​​​. The bulkiness and weight of the headphones contribute to a less stable fit, making them impractical for dynamic movements​​.

Moisture Concerns

A significant drawback for outdoor activities is the AirPods Max's lack of moisture resistance. Users and experts alike caution against using them in humid conditions or during workouts that lead to sweating, as it can deteriorate the cushioning material and cause discoloration​​​​​​.

Sound Quality vs. Practicality

While the sound quality of the AirPods Max is frequently praised, this doesn't offset their impracticality for jogging. The headphones are seen as more suited to indoor listening, with users preferring other, more portable and moisture-resistant models for outdoor activities​​​​.


The AirPods Max, though excellent in sound quality, are not the go-to choice for joggers and fitness enthusiasts. Their design, weight, and lack of moisture resistance render them more suitable for a relaxed, indoor listening experience. For those seeking headphones for jogging, alternatives that are lighter, more secure, and sweat-resistant are recommended.

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