Can AirTag Work With Android?

Because the Find My app isn't available for Android, you can't accomplish much with AirTags and an Android phone. Using the Tracker Detect app, you may scan for an AirTag. If the app detects an AirTag or other item tracker within ten minutes of you, you may have it play a sound to assist you find it. The program assists in the recovery of missing AirTags and identifies AirTags that may be used to monitor you.

airtag tracker detect android

How to scan an AirTag with Android?

AirTags can be scanned with any phone that has an NFC reader, so you can use an Android phone to check a lost AirTag.

Here's how to use your Android phone to scan an AirTag:

1. Tap the white side of the AirTag to your phone.

When the AirTag is successfully read, your phone will display a popup prompt or simply open a browser window.
The AirTag must be held up to your phone's NFC reader. If you can't find the reader, contact the phone's manufacturer for assistance.

2. If the AirTag has been tagged as lost, you'll be able to read the phone number or message that the owner provided when they placed the AirTag in Lost Mode.

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