How AirTag Lost Mode works

One of the most critical AirTag features is Lost Mode, which assists you in locating goods tied to an AirTag. You'll need your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to put an AirTag in this mode.

When you enable Lost Mode for an AirTag, you may add a phone number, email address, and a short message, as well as enable alerts. Apple identifies the AirTag as missing, and its system begins searching for it. When someone with a compatible iPhone gets close to your missing AirTag, their phone detects its existence and notifies Apple.

Then one of two things can happen:

  • If you enabled notifications when you activated Lost Mode, your iPhone will notify you that your AirTag has been located and will display its position on a map.
  • If someone with an iPhone or an Android phone with an NFC reader comes across your tag, they will receive a notice. They will see the message on their phone if you entered a phone number or message when you set up Lost Mode.
airtag lost mode

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