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How to care your iPhone leather case

It’s no matter if your case is made from like ours from vegetable tanned leather or classic chrome tanned leather, if it’s cowhide leather, and most of cases are made from this type, like apple leather cases,  below recommendation will help you keep it clean and to make it stay good looking for a long time. 

The leather case cleaning should come first, as it will seep deep into the pores of your leather to draw out dirt and old oils that would otherwise be sealed in by more leather conditioner. You want those out, lest they clog up your leather and prevent it from breathing properly. To condition leather is just as vital, however, and should always follow up a more thorough cleaning. While leather cleaning removes harmful contaminants from your leather, it will also rob it of its natural lubricants that keep it healthy and supple.

Then it’s important to condition your iPhone leather case. Conditioner should enrich your leather case color and give it the soft, supple texture. As it will absorb and condition, the fibers of your leather will strengthen, making it grow stronger, and live longer.

We would recommend to clean and care our leather iPhone folios once every 1-3 months, depending if your leather lives in a hot location or in places of high or low humidity.

Please note that it’s important before using any care product to try it on a small district of leather, as any leather conditioner, may darken leather.

Below you will find some of recommended products you can use to care you iPhone cases.

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