Wool felt ipad sleeves

Wool Felt

Natural wool felt, as a renewable raw material, one of the oldest textile materials in the world, is experiencing a renaissance and has become a popular material for the fashion industry as well as for designers and architects.

The felt we use to make our iPad and MacBook sleeves and cases are made from high-quality merino sheep's wool and is skin-friendly,
air-permeable, elastic, sound-absorbing, heat and cold insulating, and dirt-repellent due to its natural fat content. 

We are sourcing our wool felt from one of the biggest producers of natural wool felt in the world, situated in Germany. You can find a certification on the product here. 

To clean the wool felt from adhering dry soiling such as dust, it's sufficient just to vacuum the surface. In the case of soiling from damp dirt, dried stains can be cleaned gently with soapy water and a soft brush.


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