In making our iPhone cases we are using only Vegetable tanned leather. It is made by true "chromium-free" method, and does not have harmful chemicals. It is an old-world, artisanal process that takes advantage from the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species, by using the barks, branches, leaves and even some fruits in some specific techniques.
Advantages of vegetable tanned leather:

    • is eco-friendly, as made by chromium free method;
    • colors and textures have a more natural and organic look;
    • it is irregular and handmade which can be leveraged for a unique and genuine aesthetic;
    • high durability and strength, being even far more efficient than the majority of the synthetic materials;
    • neutral effect on user's health;
    • can last an entire lifetime and/or is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used/maintained;
    • remarkable and sought-after aging qualities, like the "caramelization" of the color, a unique patina acquired with the use;
    • created by craftsmen with a historic and valuable knowledge;
    • it can only be obtained from cattle that carried a good life, to get a good, strong leather, and it is always a sub-product of the meat industry;
    • values a slower life and an eco-sustainable industry;
    • it's the only leather that allows carving or tooling.


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Outstanding customer service. Beautifully crafted leather iPhone case that I bought for myself. Beautifully packaged, could make a stunning gift. I’m sure I’ll be buying from this tire again for friends and family (and maybe myself too)! Thank you.

R Stewart

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