Leather MagSafe wallet

Best leather MagSafe wallets. What you need to know!

Here what we learned while we were designing the new MagSafe wallets

While the new iPhone 12 series are compatible with Magsafe wallet, Apple states that the back of the iPhone doesn't has to be covered with any metal or magnetic materials except MagSafe. Though weak magnets are not likely to kill the smartphone, there is a possibility they will mess some pretty important aspects up. For example magnets from other materials then in Apple guidelines create magnetic fields that may affect the rear -facing camera with optical image stabilization. 

Choosing the MagSafe accessory make sure that the manufacturer follows those guidelines, and seller knows what the product is made from. Apple recommends manufacturers that are producing the magnets according to their strict guidelines, with one of wich we are cooperating. 
Same it's important that in MagSafe wallet were used magnetic shield with accordance to the Apples recommendations to keep safe the credit cards, as magnetic field can erase information from your credit cards magnetic stripe. More information about it here

The last but not least, the material from which is made the wallet itself. We are using full grain vegetable-tanned leather that is splited to about 1mm. Crafted to achieve thin, aesthetic look, that will perfectly lay in hand. Our leather is sourced from Italian Tannery that is producing leather with accordance of environmental friendly process, to achieve high quality, sustainable product. This process makes the leather more durable in comparison with ordinary chrome tanned leather. It also ages beautifully with time of use and will last a lifetime with correspond care tips.

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