How to Create Your Own Stickers on iPhone with iOS 17. Step-by-Step Guide.

Customizing your messages with stickers adds a fun, personal touch. With iOS 17, creating your own stickers to use in iMessage is now easier than ever. Follow this guide to create and send your unique stickers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Stickers

Here are the steps to make your own stickers:

  1. Open a chat in iMessage: Choose the chat where you plan to send the new sticker. It's easier to test your sticker creation in a real conversation. Tap the + sign to the left of the text box to start.

  2. Access the Stickers Menu: A popup menu will appear. Select "Stickers" from this menu.

  3. Create a New Sticker: Tap on the + sign located at the top left corner of the menu. This will take you to Photos within iMessage.

  4. Select Your Photo: Browse your Photos and select the photo you want to transform into a sticker.

  5. Add Sticker Option: Tap on the "Add Sticker" option located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  6. Customize Your Sticker: Once the sticker is added, you will see three options: Rearrange, Add Effect, and Delete. If you want to customize your sticker, tap on "Add Effect."

  7. Choose Your Effect: You will be presented with four effect options. Tap on your favorite one to apply it to your sticker.

And that's it! Your new personalized sticker is ready to use in your iMessage chats. Experiment with different photos and effects to build your unique sticker collection.

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