Will AirTag Notify Thief?

Apple modified its anti-stalking tools, rendering AirTags less helpful for theft. If the disk-shaped tag is separated from its owner, it will emit a beeping noise in less than a day, and if a person has an iOS device, a push alert will notify them that someone else's AirTag is with them. However, if a person uses an Android smartphone, they will not receive any form of notification. Unhappy that it may give potential burglars a heads-up, some AirTag owners are seeking to quiet the speaker or share advice on how to totally remove it.

When AirTag start to beep

Apple AirTags are designed to start beeping after being away from their associated iPhones for a set amount of time, which Apple claims is between eight and 24 hours.

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Can I turn the AirTag volume up or down?

No. There is no AirTag volume control option. If you believe your label is too silent, consider installing the most recent update. Apple is adjusting the unwelcome tracking sound in Firmware Update 1.0.301 to make it easier to discover an unrecognized AirTag. The volume of AirTag notifications is increasing.

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