AirTag for Dogs and Cats


While AirTags were not originally designed for pet tracking, they can be repurposed for this use. They are affordable, reliable, boast a long battery life, and can be particularly effective in urban areas. However, for guaranteed real-time tracking in all situations, consider investing in a tracker specifically designed for pets.

Should you choose to use AirTags for pet monitoring, ensure that the AirTag is securely attached and comfortable for your pet.

It's important to note that Apple does not officially recommend using AirTags for tracking pets, nor does it offer any dedicated accessories for this. Nonetheless, various third-party manufacturers have created accessories to safely attach AirTags to pets, ensuring both security and comfort.


airtag holder dog petscat airtag holder

For instance, you can buy a tag holder or a protective case specifically designed to encase the AirTag and attach it to your dog’s or cat’s collar. Moreover, these collars come in a range of styles, featuring various materials, colors, and sizes, some with sleeves or pockets tailored for AirTags. Choose the one that best meets your needs, ensuring that the AirTag is securely fastened.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your pets' whereabouts can be invaluable in a vast world. Many pet owners opt for AirTags to keep track of their cats and dogs, attracted by their affordability, durability, and user-friendliness. Even though Apple doesn't officially endorse AirTags for this purpose, they offer a level of reassurance, helping ensure that lost pets can be quickly located.

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