AirTag 2: Rumors, Release Date, and Potential Features

AirTag 2 concept design

Since the release of Apple's AirTag item tracker in April 2021, users have been eagerly awaiting an update to this handy accessory. While it has remained relatively unchanged since its debut, there have been rumors and speculations about a second-generation AirTag. In this article, we will delve into the timing of the release and potential features of the upcoming AirTag 2.


Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and renowned Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman have both weighed in on the expected release date of the AirTag 2. Initially, it was believed that we might see the new AirTag in late 2024, but recent updates have pushed the release to 2025. Ming-Chi Kuo revealed in October 2023 that mass production had been postponed from the fourth quarter of 2024 to sometime in 2025, without specifying the reasons behind this shift. Mark Gurman echoed this revised timeline in his Power On newsletter, stating that it is now unlikely for the AirTag 2 to hit the market before 2025.

all types of AirTag wallets compatible wit Apple's tracking tag


While specifics about the AirTag 2's features are scarce, there are some interesting speculations to consider.

Integration with Apple's Vision Pro Headset

Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the new AirTag will have some form of integration with Apple's upcoming Vision Pro headset. However, he has not provided detailed information on how these two devices will work together. It remains to be seen how the AirTag will complement the Vision Pro headset within Apple's broader spatial computing ecosystem.

Upgraded Wireless Chip

Mark Gurman anticipates that the AirTag 2 will feature an upgraded wireless chip. Although he hasn't offered specifics, one possibility is the integration of Apple's second-generation Ultra Wideband chip, which was introduced in all iPhone 15 models. This chip could potentially enhance location accuracy for item tracking, making it even more precise and reliable.

Design and Pricing

As of now, no rumors or leaks have surfaced regarding any design changes or price adjustments for the AirTag 2. It's possible that Apple may opt to retain the current design and pricing structure, focusing primarily on enhancing functionality and integration.

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