Unveiling the Superior Audio of the iPad Pro M4: A Detailed Review

This article aims to delve deep into the sound capabilities of the iPad Pro M4, exploring how its sophisticated audio system sets it apart from competitors. We will examine the nuances of its sound features, from the four-speaker setup to advanced audio technology integrations that Apple has pioneered with this model.

Sound System Overview

The iPad Pro M4 is equipped with an advanced four-speaker audio system, meticulously designed to deliver a superior sound experience that is both immersive and dynamic. This setup ensures that audio output is not only loud but also incredibly clear, with rich tones that are consistent across a variety of content, from high-resolution music to action-packed movies.

The arrangement of the speakers in the iPad Pro M4 is strategically placed at each corner of the device, allowing for an audio experience that adapts to how the tablet is held. This design supports a wider soundstage, which is especially noticeable in landscape mode, making it ideal for watching videos or playing games. Each speaker is capable of adjusting its orientation based on the device's position, ensuring that stereo sound is always optimized for the user’s listening.

Technical Specifications and Everyday Use:

  • Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos: The iPad Pro M4 supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, providing a theater-like experience where sound flows around you in three-dimensional space. This feature adds a layer of immersion that is particularly compelling when using headphones compatible with Spatial Audio.
  • Adaptive EQ: This technology automatically adjusts the sound to suit the acoustics of your environment, enhancing clarity and detail whether you’re in a noisy café or a quiet room.
  • Wide Stereo Sound: Apple's wide stereo sound broadens the left and right audio fields, creating an enveloping sound environment that's great for multimedia consumption.

For everyday use, these specifications mean that whether you are editing a video, enjoying a movie, or listening to your favorite album, the iPad Pro M4 delivers an audio quality that can rival dedicated sound systems. This makes it a versatile choice for both professional users who require precise audio detail for their work and casual users looking for a rich listening experience.

Key Sound Features

The iPad Pro M4 introduces several audio enhancements that significantly elevate the device's capabilities in media consumption, professional applications, and gaming. These features not only enhance the overall sound quality but also ensure that the iPad Pro M4 can serve a diverse range of audio needs effectively.

Audio Enhancements Introduced with the iPad Pro M4

  • Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking: One of the standout features is Spatial Audio with support for dynamic head tracking, which offers a theater-like surround sound experience. When used with compatible headphones, this feature tracks the motion of your head, adjusting the sound field so that it remains fixed as if coming from around you, rather than from the device itself.
  • Five Studio-Quality Microphones: The iPad Pro M4 is equipped with five studio-quality microphones designed for capturing exceptionally clean audio. This setup ensures that whether you are recording a podcast, a music session, or a video, the clarity and detail of the sound are preserved, making it an ideal tool for professional audio and video producers.
  • Enhanced Frequency Range for Music and Movies: The audio system is tuned to cover an extended frequency range, ensuring both the low and high ends of the spectrum are well represented. This enhancement allows for richer bass and clearer highs, improving the quality of music playback and movie audio tracks.

User Experience

"The four-speaker setup on the iPad Pro M4 is phenomenal. It's not just loud; the clarity is unmatched. Watching movies is like having a theater experience in my hands." - User on AppleInsider forum.

"As a professional video editor, the sound precision on the M4 has genuinely improved my editing workflow. The spatial audio with Dolby Atmos makes a noticeable difference in how I perceive and edit audio tracks." - Review on MacRumors.

"The spatial audio and the overall sound quality on the iPad Pro M4 have transformed my gaming sessions. I can hear directions and audio cues clearly, giving me a much better gaming experience." - Comment on Reddit.

Comparisons with earlier models like the iPad Pro M2 reveal that Apple has made considerable strides in enhancing the sound capabilities of the iPad Pro M4. Users and reviewers point out several areas of improvement:

  • Enhanced Volume and Clarity: The consensus is that the M4's sound is not only louder but also clearer, with better distinction of sounds across different frequencies.
  • Spatial Audio Effectiveness: The introduction of spatial audio has been particularly praised for its ability to create a more immersive audio environment, which is a significant step up from the more traditional stereo output of earlier models.
  • Professional Use: For creative professionals, the iPad Pro M4's audio enhancements have made it a more viable tool for audio-related tasks, offering better monitoring capabilities and a more accurate audio response.

Pros of the iPad Pro M4 Sound System

Four-Speaker Audio Setup

The iPad Pro M4's four-speaker configuration delivers rich, immersive sound from any orientation, enhancing the audio experience for movies, music, and games. This design ensures consistent and balanced sound no matter how the device is held.

Spatial Audio with Support for Dolby Atmos

The inclusion of Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos provides a theater-like surround sound experience that adds depth and immersion, making it ideal for media consumption and virtual reality applications.

Studio-Quality Microphones

With five studio-quality microphones, the iPad Pro M4 offers superior audio capture, which is perfect for professional use such as podcasting, music production, or video conferencing, ensuring clear and precise recording quality.

Enhanced Volume and Clarity

Users report a noticeable improvement in both volume and clarity compared to previous models, making the iPad Pro M4 suitable for a variety of listening environments, from quiet rooms to noisy public spaces.

Cons of the iPad Pro M4 Sound System

Lack of Universal Audio Jack

The absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack could be a downside for users who prefer to use traditional wired headphones without an adapter, limiting the ease of connectivity.


As with most high-end Apple products, the enhanced sound system comes at a premium. The overall cost of the iPad Pro M4 might be prohibitive for some users, especially if sound quality is a major consideration in their purchase decision.

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