How to Set Up and Use Standby Mode on iPhone with iOS 17

Standby mode is a helpful feature introduced in iOS 17 that offers a new way to interact with your iPhone. It displays the time, weather, and other pertinent information in large, easy-to-view fonts, supporting live activities and the built-in music player for a more immersive experience. Here's how you can set up and use Standby mode on your iPhone running iOS 17.

Setting Up Standby Mode

  1. Access Standby Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to the Standby section.
    Access Standby Settings on iPhone 15 Pro
  2. Toggle Standby On/Off: The first option is the Standby toggle, which allows you to enable or disable this feature. By default, this toggle is set to 'on.'
    How to change Standby Settings on iPhone 15 Pro
  3. Always On Feature: Enable the 'Always On' toggle for Standby mode to utilize machine learning to turn off your iPhone's display when not in use.
  4. Night Mode: The Night Mode option allows you to display a red interface when room lighting is low, preventing Standby mode from being overly bright in darker environments.

    After adjusting the settings to your preference, your Standby mode is ready to be used.

    Using Standby Mode

    1. Activating Standby Mode: To activate Standby mode, place your iPhone on a MagSafe charger in landscape orientation.
    2. Navigating Standby Mode: Once in Standby mode, swipe vertically and horizontally to switch between different styles and widgets.

      Standby mode gives your iPhone a new level of flexibility, enhancing your device's usefulness even when it's charging. The interface is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the displayed information to your needs.

      Another notable feature is that your iPhone will remember the layout you've set for a certain MagSafe charger. This means you can have different layouts for various MagSafe stands you have around the house, and iOS will detect them automatically. This personalized setup makes Standby mode even more convenient for your day-to-day iPhone usage.

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