Mastering Focus Mode on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide to Settings and Usage in iOS 17

Navigating through the relentless stream of digital distractions, finding a semblance of focus can often feel like a Herculean task. With the introduction of Focus Mode in iOS 17, Apple extends a much-needed respite, particularly on the technologically advanced iPhone 15 Series.

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Setting Up Focus Filters
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F.A.Q on Focus Mode

How does Focus Mode work?

With Focus Mode, users can set up different profiles based on their activities, like work, personal time, or even gaming. Each profile can be customized to allow notifications from specific contacts or apps while silencing the rest. Additionally, users can also set up automatic activation schedules based on time, location, or events. This ensures that the right profile is always active, depending on the user's situation.

Focus Mode profiles on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

What are the different Focus Modes available on iPhone?

iOS 17 offers a range of pre-defined Focus Modes to cater to the most common scenarios, including:

  • Personal: Ideal for personal time, this mode might allow notifications from family and close friends.
  • Work: Tailored for professional settings, this mode can be set to allow work-related notifications.
  • Sleep: Designed for uninterrupted rest, this mode minimizes most notifications.
  • Driving: Activated when the user is driving, ensuring minimal distractions.
  • Gaming: A mode designed for immersive gaming experiences.

Apart from these, users can also create custom Focus Modes tailored to their unique needs.

Deep Dive into Focus Mode's Functionality

Setting Up Activity-Based Profiles

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Focus’.

    iPhone 15 focus mode enter settings on iOS 17

  3. Tap on the the Add button symbol to create a new Focus Mode.

    add custom focus mode on iPhone with ios 17
  4. Choose a Mode or tap 'Custom' to create a Custom Focus Mode
  5. Name your Focus Mode (e.g., Work, Personal, Gym), choose a color and an icon to represent your Focus and tap 'Next'.

    Add name to focus mode and adjust icon with color on iphone 15 with ios 17
  6. Tap "Customise Focus" button, then set up the options for your custom Focus.

How to Customize Focus Mode Notification Filters on iPhone

1. Under the chosen Focus Mode, tap on "People"

focus mode Customizing Notification Filters add contacts on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

2. Add the contacts you want to "Allow Notifications From" or "Silence Notifications From"

focus mode on iPhone 15 with iOS 17 allow notifications from selected people

3.Choose "Allow Calls From" list. Available options: Everybody, Allowed People Only (which you added in previous step), Favourites, and Contacts Only.
You can also choose to allow or disallow repeated calls.
All calls not included in the selected list will be silenced and sent to the Notification Center.

4.Under the chosen Focus Mode, tap on "Apps"

focus mode Customizing Notification Filters for apps on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

5. Add the Apps you want to "Allow Notifications From" or "Silence Notifications From"

You can also enable Time-Sensitive notifications from apps, which allows apps not on your allowed list to send notifications marked as Time-Sensitive. They can break through system controls such as notification summary and Focus, if it has been allowed.

6. Under the chosen Focus Mode, tap on "Options"
focus mode notification options on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

Then, you can do any of the following:

  • Display silenced notifications on the Lock Screen or direct them to Notification Center: Toggle "Show On Lock Screen" on or off.
  • Conceal notification badges on Home Screen apps: Toggle "Hide Notification Badges" on.
  • Choose when to Silence Notifications: "Always" or only "While Locked"
  • Dim the Lock Screen while using this Focus: Toggle "Dim Lock Screen" on.

Customizing Home Screen and Lock Screen in Focus Mode on iPhone

Under the chosen Focus Mode, tap on "Choose" for Lock Screen or Home Screen customizing

Here, you can choose from your existing Lock Screens and Home Screens or create a new one, customizing the widgets and apps you want to be visible.

Learn How To Customize Interactive Widgets on Lock Screen and Home Screen

Setting Up Focus Status in Messages



In the Focus Mode settings, tap on "Focus Status"

Step 1: How to Set Up Focus Status in Messages iPhone 15 with iOS 17

Toggle 'Focus Status' on to allow others to see when you’re not available.

share the focus status on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

Once this feature is enabled, when someone contacts you, they immediately know that you are inFocus Modeand that you might not respond immediately. They then have the option to notify you immediately if the matter is urgent, important or if there is an emergency.

How to Turn on Auto-Reply in Focus Mode on iPhone

With "Auto-Reply", Favorites and those from whom you allow notifications will receive an auto-reply when the "Driving Focus" is enabled. They have the option to notify you regardless by sending "urgent" as a follow-up message.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Focus, then tap "Driving Focus".
  2. Tap Auto-Reply.
  3. Select an option, such as No One, Recents, Favorites, or All Contacts.

    How to set auto-reply message in Driving Focus Mode on iPhone 15 with iOS 17
  4. From this point, you can customize the auto-reply message that individuals will receive when they message you while Driving Focus is activated.

Setting Up Focus Filters on iPhone

When configuring a Focus, you have the option to implement app filters which dictate the information displayed by apps while the Focus is activated. For instance, you can set it up to display only your work calendar when your Work Focus is activated.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Focus
  2. Select the Focus to which you want to add filters
  3. Scroll down to Focus Filters, then tap on Add Filter

how to add focus filters on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

Select an app, then choose the information you wish to view from that app while the Focus is active.

How to customize apps and device behave in focus mode on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

Additionally, system filters can be utilized to activate system settings like Dark Mode, Low Power Mode, and Always On Display when a Focus is activated.

Effortlessly Scheduling and Switching Focus Modes

How to Set a Schedule for Focus Mode

  1. Under the chosen Focus Mode, tap on "Smart Activation" and enable it
    how to set a schedule of focus mode on iPhone 15 with iOS 17
  2. Return to the previous screen, and tap 'Add Schedule' to set the desired schedule based on time, location, or events.
  3. how to set a conditions for automatic activation of focus mode on iPhone 15 with iOS 17

You can set automatic activation based on one or more conditions.

Quickly Activating Focus Modes on iPhone

  1. Swipe down from the top right corner to access Control Center.
  2. Tap on the Focus Mode icon. Ensure you tap on the text near the Focus Mode icon. Tapping on the icon will turn Focus Mode on/off.
    Quick Activation of Focus Modes on iPhone 15 with iOS 17
  3. Select the desired Focus Mode to activate it.

How to Delete a Focus Mode on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Focus
  2. Select the Focus Mode you wish to delete.
  3. Scroll down and tap on "Delete Focus."

F.A.Q on Focus Mode for iPhone

Focus Mode is a feature on iPhone with iOS 17 designed to help you minimize distractions by customizing your notification preferences. You can set up different profiles based on your activities, like Work, Personal, or Sleep, and decide which contacts and apps are allowed to send you notifications. You can also schedule Focus Modes or set them to activate automatically based on certain triggers, such as time, location, or app usage.

Focus Mode allows you to create custom profiles where you can specify which notifications are allowed. You can also schedule when Focus Modes activate/deactivate or set them to trigger based on certain conditions like your location or a specific app being opened.


  • Settings: Navigate to Settings > Focus to access and customize Focus Modes.
  • Control Center: Swipe down from the top-right corner to access the Control Center, then tap on the Focus Mode icon to quickly activate or deactivate Focus Modes.
  • Settings:
    1. Go to Settings > Focus.
    2. Select the active Focus Mode.
    3. Toggle off the activated Focus Mode.
  • Control Center:
    1. Swipe down from the top-right corner to open the Control Center.
    2. Tap on the active Focus Mode to turn it off.
  • Focus Mode may be activated because you've scheduled it, or it might have been triggered by an automation based on time, location, or app usage. It's designed to minimize distractions by silencing notifications except from specific people or apps.

    Absolutely! Gaming requires undivided attention, and Focus Mode ensures an immersive experience by minimizing distractions. By activating the 'Gaming' profile or creating a custom mode tailored for gaming, players can:

    • Silence all non-essential notifications.
    • Prioritize game-related notifications or calls from fellow gamers.
    • Automatically activate the gaming profile based on time or location, like when they're at a gaming arena.

    This ensures that players can dive deep into their games without interruptions, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

    Focus Mode, in itself, does not have a significant impact on battery life. In fact, by reducing the number of notifications, it might even save some battery, as fewer processes run in the background. However, certain settings, like continuous location tracking for profile activation based on location, might consume more battery. It's always a good idea to monitor battery usage in the iPhone's settings to identify any unusual consumption patterns and adjust Focus Mode settings accordingly.

    No, Focus Mode does not disable apps. It only filters notifications from apps based on your settings.

    Yes, Focus Mode can block text messages from all contacts except those you've allowed in your Focus Mode settings.

    Yes, Focus Mode blocks notifications from contacts and apps that are not specified in your allowed list within the settings of the active Focus Mode profile.

    No, Focus Mode does not block alarms. Alarms will still sound even when Focus Mode is active.


    Focus Mode, an impactful feature in iOS 17, serves as a beacon of concentration amidst a sea of perpetual distractions. By fine-tuning your Focus settings, you gain the ability to prioritize particular messages, minimizing unwarranted interruptions whether you're engrossed in work, immersed in academic pursuits, or cherishing personal time. Adapting to your distinct requirements, Focus Mode enhances your ability to maintain focus, thereby elevating your productivity.

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