Understanding Your Apple Pencil Warranty: Coverage and Claims

Leather cover for Apple Pencil 2

Standard Warranty

The Apple Pencil comes with Apple's standard 1-year warranty, known as AppleCare. This covers manufacturing defects and hardware failures but does not include accidental damage.

AppleCare+ for Apple Pencil

If you purchase AppleCare+ for your iPad and include the Apple Pencil in the same transaction, the warranty for the Apple Pencil extends to two years and covers accidental damage. You can also add AppleCare+ for the Apple Pencil separately within 60 days of purchasing the pencil.

Accidental Damage Coverage

With AppleCare+, accidental damage is covered, subject to a service fee. For example, if the Apple Pencil is damaged, you can get a repair or replacement for a service fee.

Non-Covered Situations

The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or accidents like water damage. Cosmetic damage, such as scuffs and scrapes, is also not covered.

Warranty in Europe

In Europe, consumer laws provide a minimum of two years of warranty coverage. The first year is covered by Apple, and the second year is typically covered by the store where the Apple Pencil was purchased.

Checking Warranty Status

You can check your Apple Pencil's warranty status on Apple's warranty status page by entering its serial number.

Procedure for Warranty Claims

For warranty claims, it's recommended to have your original purchase receipt and the device (iPad) that you use with the Apple Pencil. You can make a warranty claim through an Apple Store, an Authorized Service Provider, or through Apple's customer support.

Important Considerations

  • Loss or Theft: AppleCare+ does not cover loss or theft of the Apple Pencil.

  • Insurance: Some stores or home insurances might offer additional coverage for electronic devices, including the Apple Pencil.

  • Timeframe: Make sure to understand the timeframe within which you need to add AppleCare+ for coverage, especially if the Apple Pencil was purchased separately from the iPad.
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