What Does AirTag Do?

Apple's AirTag may help you find your keys, wallet, and other items. This tracking gadget was released in April 2021.
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AirTags employ ultra-wideband technology and leverage Apple's existing network of devices to ping each other in order to pinpoint the position of your misplaced item. So, Airtags do not use GPS to find goods. Apple's Find My Network uses Bluetooth signals to locate and identify your possessions. In a word, it works like a radar chip, signaling and detecting other chips of the same type.

AirTag Precision Finding

The AirTag has a tiny circular design on the front with a white finish and a stainless steel rear. AirTags are free to be personalized with up to four characters or emojis (depending on your preferences, you can choose from up to 31 emoji).

apple airtag emoji design


AirTag dimensions

width: 31.9mm (1.26Inch)

height: 31.9mm (1.26Inch)

depth: 8.0mm (0.31Inch)

weight: 11g (0.39oz)


Apple sells single AirTag trackers for $29 and four-packs for $99
Buy on Apple.com

What's in a box

apple airtag box

AirTag with CR2032 coin cell battery installed


all types of AirTag wallets compatible wit Apple's tracking tag

Our AirTag Wallets are designed to make your experience stress-free thanks to its secret AirTag pocket

Is It Worth It?

The Apple AirTags are a helpful and simple tool for reconnecting you with missing items. They're easy to set up and operate, and the Precision Finding function can help you find missing goods fast. Apple has also paid close attention to privacy to guarantee that location trackers are not abused.


  • Excellent for locating lost goods
  • Precision location with iPhone 11 and later
  • Waterproof, small, and lightweight


    • AirTag does not function with Android 
    • Easily scuffed
    • iPhones older than 11 do not support precision location 

      Is AirTag Safe? 

      To lessen environmental effect, AirTag is equipped with the following features

      • The primary logic board's solder is made entirely of recycled tin.
      • Mercury-free
      • BFR-free\sPVC-free
      • Beryllium-free

        If you want to track your keys or another object, know that the data is stored as securely as Apple data is. According to Apple, AirTags are connected to a single Apple ID and employ end-to-end encryption to keep data safe.



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