The Leather AirTags 

With the latest Apple event on 20.04.21, appeared new exciting news for us! Lately, Apple creates more and more interesting features and products that give opportunities to brand like ours, to create more unique accessories to accompany Apple's products.

We are more than excited about all the new cool products that we are planning to add in the nearest month, and today we are starting with standard leather accessories for AirTag. Handcrafted from our premium Italian leather in our standard colors, and soon in new bright and colorful ones. Same as any other our product, they can be personalized and customized: from color combinations of leather to strap length. 
Currently the leather Airtag available in preorder, and goes in few variants:
- Standard keyring

- AirTag holder with carabiner

- AirTag holder with ring carabiner

- AirTag Charm with carabiner.

Soon we will update the color choice and present all color ranges. 

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Doskonała obsługa klienta. Pięknie wykonana skórzana obudowa na iPhone'a, którą kupiłem dla siebie. Pięknie zapakowane, może zrobić wspaniały prezent. Jestem pewien, że będę kupować z tej opony ponownie dla przyjaciół i rodziny (a może ja też)! Dziękuję.

R Stewart

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