Discover the Best AirTag Wallets of 2024: Secure, Stylish, and Smart Choices

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    What are AirTag Wallets?

    Track your wallet on iPhone

    The advent of AirTag technology has pushed this evolution further, leading to the creation of AirTag wallets. These wallets are designed with a specific compartment or slot to securely hold an AirTag, thus transforming a conventional wallet into a smart accessory.

    AirTag in a wallet illustration
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    This integration allows users to track their wallet's location directly from their smartphone, offering a new layer of security and peace of mind. The ability to easily locate a misplaced or stolen wallet not only addresses the practical concern of loss but also introduces an innovative way to manage and secure personal belongings.

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    AirTag Wallet Types

    all types of AirTag wallets

    AirTag-Compatible Leather Card Holders


    AirTag Card Holder made by Geometric Goods

    Designed to make your experience stress-free thanks to its hidden AirTag pocket. Lost it? Ping it. Find it.

    AirTag Card wallet made by Geometric Goods

    This AirTag Wallet, named "The Minimalist" combines premium Italian soft full-grain and vegetable-tanned eco-friendly leather into a sleek and functional design.

    Premium AirTag Wallet - leather card & cash holder |

    Holds your AirTag and up to 4-6 cards in the main pocket and 1 card in the back pocket

    The Minimalist, is priced starting at $79.
    Personalization for free.


    EKSTER Wallet

    Ekster AirTag Wallet review

    It's a minimalist leather wallet designed for fast access and slim storage, with a built-in aluminum cardholder that fans out cards at the click of a button.

    review the Ekster AirTag Wallet

    The wallet can hold 1-12 cards and bills, and it's available in Nappa Black and Classic Brown.

    review the Ekster AirTag pop-up wallet

    Ekster Wallet for AirTag is on sale for $79, down from its regular price of $99.


    NORMEST Wallet

    Normest AirTag Wallet

    Normest AirTag Wallet in Premium Leather features a slim and sleek design suitable for the front pocket, with a capacity to hold up to 12 cards and bills.

    Airtag Wallet Normest

    The wallet is available in 7 colors and blocks RFID.

    AirtagWallet Normest review photo

    Midnight Black priced at $49.95
    Royal Navy, Deep Plum, and Cloud Gray priced at $59.95.


    GEOMETRIC GOODS Wallet with Money Clip

    Leather AirTag Card Holder with Money Clip

    AirTag Wallet with Money Clip for Cash is designed for the modern minimalist who demands both style and functionality.

    AirTag Wallet with money clip for cash & cards

    Its slim profile makes it easy to carry around and its timeless design will stay looking fresh for years to come. Can be personalized for free.

    Designed to fit perfectly inside up to 6 cards and paper bills. Has a secret slot for an AirTag.

    Slim wallet with hidden slot for AirTag with money clip for cash

    Premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather ages beautifully and lasts much longer than regular genuine chrome-tanned leather.
    Priced at $89.95 and available in 6 colors.


    SWISST Wallet

    swiss airtag card holder

    AirTag Wallet from TheSWISST is a leather wallet designed for men, featuring a minimalist and slim profile for easy card and cash access.

    review airtag slim wallet swiss

    The wallet is designed to hold 8 cards, IDs, some bills, and has a special pop-up mechanism for AirTag compatibility.

    review swiss airtag card holder

    It's available in several colors, including Caramel Brown, and is priced at $39.95 on sale from its regular price.


    AirTag-Compatible Metal and Polycarbonate Card Holders

    AVIATOR Wallet + AirTag Cash Clip

    Aviator Cash Clip

    A unique feature of the AVIATOR wallet is the adjustable elastic strap, which is built into the frame. This allows the number of cards to be adjusted as desired, with space for up to 20 cards at the maximum setting. The inner frame, the heart of the AVIATOR wallet, is also available in durable aluminium.


    This wallet is customizable with options like cash clips and AirTag clips, and it's constructed for durability and a lightweight feel without a coin compartment.

    Aviator Metal Wallet compatible with AirTag

    The Aviator Wallets priced between $160 and $335. Compatible Metal AirTag Holder from Aviator is priced starting at approximately $54 USD for the PURE SILVER option and goes up to around $59.50 USD for other colors like PURE BLACK, PURE GREEN, PURE RED, and PURE BLUE.


    FANTOM Wallet + AirTag Holder

    The Fantom Wallet is a slim, minimalist wallet designed for convenience and security.

    Fantom wallet in gold color

    Starts at $59 and features RFID protection, and customizable options including finish, size, and attachments like a money clip and AirTag holder.

    Fantom card fanning mechanism

    Has patented card fanning mechanism and Grade 5 titanium money clip

    Fantom Titanium Money Clip

    The AirTag Holder can be installed together with the Money Clip

    Fantom The AirTag Holder

    AKEENI Wallet

    The XSTO AirTag Ready Wallet - Black Edition from AKEENi is designed for those who never want to misplace their essentials.

    AirTag installation to akeeni wallet

    This wallet allows for easy AirTag installation, ensuring your wallet is always trackable. Available in various sizes from 4 to 10 card capacities and in Jet Black or Rhino Gray colors

    XSTO AirTag Ready Wallet

    Priced starting at $98. The prices vary based on the card capacity chosen.


    MOUNTAIN VOYAGE Minimalist Wallet + AirTag Money Clip

    Designed for style and functionality, featuring an ultra-slim and lightweight design that can hold up to 15 cards and 8 bills. It includes RFID blocking technology

    The Mountain Voyage Minimalist Wallet for Men

    Mountain Voyage AirTag money clip is an attachment that makes your minimalist wallet smarter. Attach an AirTag on it so that you can track your wallet.

    Mountain Voyage AirTag Money Clip

    The AirTag holder can be easily installed using the screwdriver.

    how to install Mountain Voyage AirTag Money Clip

    Wallets are priced starting at $50
    Compatible AirTag Money Clip is priced at $20.


    RIDGE Wallet + AirTag Clip

    Ridge Wallets colors

    The Ridge Smart Wallet Kit, priced at $130 (down from $152), includes an Aluminum Black Ridge Wallet, a Money Clip, and a Carbon Case for AirTag, designed to securely hold up to 12 cards without stretching. It features RFID-blocking technology, scratch resistance, and is made from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum.

    Ridge Carbon AirTag Case

    SPIGEN AirTag Card Holder

    What makes this wallet different from the rest is the fact it’s made from a Polycarbonate body that’s made to look more like metal. Designed to secure up to 12 cards and some cash, featuring RFID blocking protection, an integrated nylon elastic cash strap. Priced at $49.99, it offers a sleek, ultra-light carry option in gunmetal or black color options.

    Spiegen Airtag Card Wallet Gunmetal



    AirTag-Compatible Passport Holders

    GEOMETRIC GOODS Passport Holder

    Why worry about losing your passport and credit cards while on vacation? With this AirTag Passport holder, you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

    AirTag Passport Holder made by Geometric Goods

    Its clever design includes a concealed AirTag pocket, allowing you to easily track and locate your belongings. Misplaced it? Simply ping it and find it in no time.

    Leather passport holder compatible with AirTag

    Holds 3 cards, folded bills, up to 2 passports, and your AirTag. Made from premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather sourced from the tannery in Tuscany region. It ages beautifully and lasts much longer than regular chrome tanned leather.

    mahogany color AirTag Passport Holder

    This passport holder has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who have paid exceptional attention to every detail. It is made from premium, supple Italian vegetable-tanned leather, ensuring its durability and longevity to serve you for many years ahead.

    Leather AirTag Passport cover

    Leather AirTag Passport Holder is priced at $99. Available in 7 colors. Personalization for free.


    VOCIER Passport Holder

    The Vocier Passport Holder, AirTag ready, is a premium travel accessory designed to keep important documents secure and easily traceable. Priced at $119, it's available in black and brown colors.

    Vocier Leather Passport Holder compatible with AirTag

    This passport holder features a dedicated slot for an Apple AirTag, three credit card slots, RFID protection, and is made from luxurious Italian leather, both vegetable tanned for the exterior and smooth Nappa leather for the interior.


    It's an elegant solution for travelers who value both style and security.


    BANDWERK Passport Holder

    interior of BandWerk passport holder compatible with airtag

    The BandWerk Nappa Light Brown Contrast Seam Passport Cover is a luxury travel accessory crafted from Italian leather. Priced at $139, it features slots for credit cards, boarding passes, and a compartment for an Apple AirTag.



    LUMBERJACK PLAID Passport Holder

    Green Leather AirTag Passport Holder from Lumberjack Plaid

    Leather AirTag Passport Holder from Lumberjack Plaid, available in blue, is designed for both style and functionality. Priced at $49.99, down from $94.99, it features a dedicated slot for an Apple AirTag, ensuring travelers can track their passport's location.

    Lumberjack Plaid AirTag Passport Holder

    The holder is designed to accommodate passports, travel documents, and includes a quick access slot for convenience. Made with genuine leather, it includes RFID blocking technology.


    NORMEST Travel Wallet

    The Normest AirTag Travel Wallet is a premium leather product designed for convenience and security in travel. It features slots for up to 12 cards and 20 bills, an AirTag compartment for tracking.


    The wallet is currently priced at $89.95, discounted from its regular price of $139.95. Available only in black color.


    GEOMETRIC GOODS Travel Wallet

    The Leather AirTag Travel Wallet by Geometric Goods is a meticulously crafted accessory designed to enhance travel convenience and security.

    Leather Travel Wallet compatible with AirTag with passport cover

    Holds up to 11 cards, US dollar or Euro bills, passport, and your AirTag.

    Leather AirTag Travel Wallet by Geomtric Goods

    Closes on snap buttons.

    The wallet is currently priced at $124.11, discounted from its regular price of $137.90. Available in 10 colors.
    Personalization and worldwide shipping for free.


    TAGSMATE Passport Holder

    The Traveler: Passport Wallet from Tags Mate is an AirTag compatible passport holder designed for stress-free travel. It holds one passport, over 10 cards, notes, bills, and coins.

    black Tagsmate Passport holder

    It's priced at $29.99, down from $60.00, and is available in carbon, black, and cognac colors.


    PASCACOO Passport Holder

    This item is a passport wallet designed for travelers, featuring an AirTag slot and a pen, aimed at ensuring you never lose your passport again by allowing tracking via the Find My App. It includes RFID blocking technology for security, is made from synthetic leather.

    PASCACOO Airtag Passport Holder

    Priced at an affordable $16 USD on Amazon, it is available in a selection of 7 colors.


    AirTag-Compatible Billfold Wallets

    GEOMETRIC GOODS Bifold Wallet

    Designed to fit perfectly inside up to 7 cards and paper bills. Compatible with U.S. Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan Dollars.

    Best Billfold wallet with AirTag

    Has a hidden slot for an AirTag. Premium quality leather ages beautifully and lasts much longer than regular genuine chrome-tanned leather.

    AirTag wallet with hidden slot

    Handcrafted in Europe by experienced craftsmen. Feel the superior quality in every element, from the soft leather with a nice scent to the attention to every detail and flawless stitching.

    orange airtag wallet

    It's priced at $92.72, down from $115.90, and is available in 15 richly textured colors.


    GEOMETRIC GOODS Bifold Wallet with Coin Pouch

    Billfold Wallet with coin pouch offers both style and practicality in a single accessory.

    AirTag wallet with coin pouch by Geomtric Goods

    The hidden AirTag pocket ensures you'll never lose track of your valuables again. Its minimalist classic design complements any outfit, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.

    AirTag wallet with coin pouch

    Hold up to 6 cards, coins, paper bills, and your AirTag in a hidden slot. Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen from premium Italian full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, to make it look great and stay strong through the years of use.

    AirTag wallet for cash and coins

    Priced at $120.90. Free Personalisation with up to 4 characters.


    HIDEMONT Bifold Wallet

    Leather wallet is designed for practicality, featuring a compartment for an AirTag to ensure easy tracking.

    HIDEMONT AirTag Bifold Wallet

    It includes 6 credit card slots, 2 ID windows, a bill compartment, and a hidden pocket for essentials.

    Priced $18 with personalization.


    TYPECASE Wallet

    Typecase Wallet for Men supports two modes for AirTag - stealth and visible.

    The Typecase billfold Wallet with AirTag pocket

    Featuring a built-in AirTag holder, 8 card slots, 1 ID card slot, and a bill pocket

    Priced at $29.99, the manufacturer claims this RFID-blocking wallet is crafted from 100% ethically sourced cowhide leather.

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