In Geometric Goods we can create your custom iPhone case. Design starts from custom color combination where you can choose one, two or more colors from our 24 colors.

Custom iPhone cases also available to order in custom changed patterns designs that we already have. We also can create wholly new your personal custom design of course depending on its difficulty. All cases are made from tooling vegetable tanned leather, which allows creating custom hand carving patterns.

Plus to all that, cases can be personalized by 5mm capital letters.

Prices vary on complexity of creating the iPhone cover so please feel free to contact us and tell us about your ideas. 
Here is the list of colors that are available for your custom iPhone case. Go ahead and get some inspiration and ideas from available at our store iPhone cases

Leather iPhone cases colors

Here are also detailed view on the difference between leather iPhone cases in standard and antique colors. 

brown leather iphone cases


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Outstanding customer service. Beautifully crafted leather iPhone case that I bought for myself. Beautifully packaged, could make a stunning gift. I’m sure I’ll be buying from this tire again for friends and family (and maybe myself too)! Thank you.

R Stewart

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